Company E.

Company E is in the media market. Their banker affirms with the final conviction that their situation holds them of getting any subsidy. That is not correct.

They obtained, thanks to our advice, a subsidy of 50,000 € which allowed them to invest in a new computer system and improve their competitiveness. Just imagine, this could be you, all you have to do is contact us and let us do our job. We will take you from having nothing to being able to invest a huge amount of money into your company. No matter what type of business you are running, we are prepared for every situation and we will give you the key to success. Company E. would most likely fail without our professional help. However, luckily for them, they found their way to us and we were more than happy to provide them with expert advice and generate huge profit within just a few months.

Company T.

Extra European company T wants to start a new activity in Belgium. They think about founding a daughter company. In the form they wanted it to be done, they had no rights on subsidies. By bringing modification in the structure of their share capital, they received 15ňbsp;% on made investments. With simple solutions such as this, we are changing a lot of things. We are professionals and we understand how businesses work. therefore, you can be completely relaxed and let us do the hard work and provide you with the best advice ever that will save your business.

Company P.

The company develops control systems for robots of medical analysis. The organization is starting up and they just went on the market with the new system, developed with help of subsidies for research. At this early stage, they need to hire new people and move to a new location. Therefore, they buy an office. This buying is subsidized and the request in introduced through their bank. We propose to the C.E.O. to evaluate what is still possible and make him discover from him unknown opportunities. This happened two years ago. The requests for subsidies we introduced. Brought to the company 200,000 €. That is more than their own capital. The turnover was 1,000,000 €. The average percentage of the subsidies we obtained reaches 38 % on made investments.