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Oct 25

Our activities Search and obtaining of economical subsidies

By Aaron Goodwin | Tips

  • At the federal, at the three Belgian regions and European level;
  • For companies of all size.

The stages of our operation

  1. We study exhaustively every possibility and establish an optimal plan of subsidisation.
  2. The preparation, the work out and the submission of the subsidy files constitute the second part of our action.
  3. The follow up of the files in the administrations is done by us.
  4. We keep our customers informed about the changing legislation and we propose appropriate action plans.
  5. And also, working out and writing of business plan, marketing strategies, sales strategies.

If you wish to know whether you are eligible for subsidies; we offer you a free evaluation: contact us by e-mail.

Why use us

In each region, there are about 200 possible economic subsidies. However, there are strict eligibility criteria for getting access to these subsidies. Certain commercial activities are excluded from obtaining subsidies. We inform you about all the opportunities open to you and their limits. In any case, we can save you a lot of time and potentially bring you a lot of money.

The timing of introduction of the request for subsidies is vital. Some rights expire and it is vital to act in due time. Ignoring this could cause you to be denied a lot of money. We watch over the timeliness of actions and we intervene at the administrative level in case of mistakes, delays, or misunderstandings.


If you are a new business owner, then your main goal is most likely to succeed and have fewer issues as possible. achieving success will be difficult, but if you have professional people like us on your side, then you will have much higher chances. We will provide you with some of the most important advice that will eventually lead you to success.

Over many years we have been working, we have successfully helped a lot of different businesses to achieve greatness. Now, you have the chance to become great too. All you have to do is contact us.

According to its imputation and the requested subsidy, an expense will be subsidized at 3, 15, 50, 90 % or, if all fails, 0 %. We advise you before filling in the request form. We analyze your projects in light of the available subsidies and we take care to ensure that the 0 % is avoided.

The public administrations, like every organization, behave according to their own idiosyncratic rules, feelings and culture, their own interpretation of facts and laws. Our experience with these institutions and the fact that we visit them daily avoids a lot of annoyance.

Numerous subsidies and grants exist, and their purpose is to help you to develop your business and create economic welfare for your company, for the region and the country. Subsidies exist. In order to be competitive, it is imperative that you use every means available to you.

If you wish to know what subsidies you can get, we offer you a free evaluation: contact us by e-mail.

Our fee

feeNo cure no pay: 10 % of obtained subsidies with a provision of 600 € at the introduction of the request. Of course, we only initiate the process on behalf of a client if we are sure to reach a positive result.

Free evaluation of your subsidies

In order to let you appreciate the sums that our collaboration can bring to you, we invite you to fax or email the attached form (Word) and we will calculate the subsidies you can obtain.