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By iwano@_84

Does Trump Have The Side Effects From Steroid That Treats COVID?


  • Prolonged use of or using too much dexamethasone can cause gland problems and increase a patient’s risk of cancer
  • WHO revised its COVID-19 treatment guidelines, saying corticosteroids are effective in reducing the risk of death
  • Trump was given dexamethasone because his blood oxygen level dipped to 93%

President Donald Trump has been bragging about the medications he was given to treat his COVID-19 infection – two of which are still being evaluated for safety and efficacy. But the third drug he was given has been around a long time, and doctors are well aware of its side effects.

The drug is dexamethasone, a powerful anti-inflammatory steroid that is being used to treat lung problems in COVID-19 patients.

Trump was given the steroid after his blood oxygen levels dropped to 93% – healthy levels are 95% to 100%  — following his diagnosis. The use of dexamethasone indicates Trump’s condition

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