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By iwano@_84

Emergency Medicine Turf War Heats Up

Tensions have risen in the ongoing clash between emergency medicine physicians and the advanced practice professionals (APPs) who specialize in their discipline over the latter group’s use of terms like “residency” and “fellowship” in postgraduate training programs.

Last month, nearly all professional organizations representing emergency physicians issued a joint statement calling for those terms to be reserved solely for physician graduates of medical schools.

“The terms “resident,” “residency,” “fellow,” and “fellowship” in a medical setting must be limited to postgraduate clinical training of medical school physician graduates within GME training programs,” the statement said. “Hospitals or employers should not create or advertise post-graduate training of nurse practitioners or physician assistants in the emergency department without explicit involvement and approval of the emergency medicine departmental and residency leadership.”

Over the next few weeks, societies representing physician assistants (PAs) and nurse practitioners (NPs) shot back. The Society of Emergency Medicine Physician Assistants

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