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Woman gives birth to twins after surviving coronavirus coma

A woman has welcomed twins after being placed into a coronavirus coma while pregnant with them. (SWNS)
Danielle Martin gave birth to twins after being placed into a coronavirus coma while pregnant. (SWNS)

A woman has given birth to twin girls after testing positive for coronavirus and being put into a 10 day coma while she was pregnant.

Danielle Martin, 32, had been rushed to hospital after struggling to breathe when she was nine weeks pregnant with what she believed to be one baby.

Having tested positive for COVID-19, she was placed into an induced coma after her condition deteriorated, leaving dad-to-be, Bryan Green, 32, fearing for the lives of both his partner and unborn child.

Martin woke from her coma after 10 days and rang Green with the incredible news that they were in fact expecting twins.

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Martin gave birth on 7 October, to Ava and Amelia, and the family are

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