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This Is the Toothbrush Your Dentist Probably Uses at Home

Mom was right: good oral hygiene is seriously important! We all know it’s vital to tooth and gum health to brush morning and night, floss every day, and schedule regular dentist visits. But how you clean your teeth is just as important as how often. That’s why electric toothbrushes are so great — many come with genius built-in tools (like minute timers, special brush modes, and even real-time feedback) to help you make the most out of every brushing session. And ultimately, it’s much less painful and cost-effective to prevent a problem than to treat one.

“Pretty much everyone can benefit from an electric toothbrush,” says Dr. Jamie Reynolds an orthodontist and author of World Class Smiles Made in Detroit. Even dentists themselves recommend electric toothbrushes! After Reynolds switched to an electric toothbrush, his own dental hygienist commented on how clean his teeth looked. “Personally, I won’t be switching back to the old-fashioned way and don’t recommend you do either!”

Once you’re ready to ditch your manual toothbrush, the choices can be overwhelming. The Good Housekeeping Institute experts and dental pros are here to cut through the clutter and help you pick the best electric model for your teeth and gums. Whether you opt for one that has a water flosser built in, one that makes replacing brush heads a breeze, or one that’s great for whitening, we’ve got the top picks.

But remember, no matter which powered toothbrush you buy, the most important thing is still you, says Dr. Reynolds. “An electric toothbrush isn’t a magic wand. It still requires morning and night use — with around 2 minutes of brushing time — to be effective.” Use it as a way to up your brushing technique, not make up for it.

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