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Do You Eat Breakfast?

For many, breakfast is a meal that they would never even think of going without. Breakfast, it seems, is the meal that sets you up for the day, that gives you the energy that you need to get out of bed at the start of the day.

But it doesn’t have to be like that.

A growing catalogue of research has begun to suggest that breakfast might not be the meal that we think it is.

You may not need breakfast, and you may feel better without it.

How could this be, you ask? Let’s take a look.

Before you buy any diet product of advice online, you should always do your due diligence and research the product, and the claims that are made. Review sites like can be instrumental in doing so. And remember, although this article is about the merits of breakfast, you can always check where Read More

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4 Ways Your Finances Affect Your Health

There is no doubt that our financial state affects our health. After all, an age-long saying goes that health is wealth.

Good financial health also impacts positively on our physical health, the way we live, and interact with the environment and people around us. You can check Collected.Reviews for more opinions on this. You can also rely on financial advisors and consultants to get more advice and opinions on your financial wellbeing.

Thus we are going to look at four ways your financial state affects your health.

1.  Unhealthy Eating Habits

Lack of stable finance can cause you to develop bad eating habits and culinary tastes in general. One thing worthy of note is that your financial state affects your mindset. Once you are struggling financially, there is a tendency that you would become disinterested and disillusioned. And thus, this affects eating habits. It is either you consume too much … Read More

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Is Working Out From Home Healthy?

There are some days you won’t feel like going to the gym and there are days where your schedule will be so jam-packed, you won’t even have the time to visit the gym. It is perfectly normal.

There could be more worst-case scenarios than just being too tired or too occupied to visit the gym. But in spite of all these, you still need to keep fit – and this is exactly how this article can help you.

Home training could be just what you need. From assembling a few pieces of basic training equipment to setting up a complete gym in a room in your house, at-home workouts could be the key to your fitness.

While there are some pros and cons about at-home training, you can get the same level of quality of equipment and fitness benefits from your training as you get from a gym.

If you’ve … Read More

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The most important tips to improve your fitness gym routine

Once you have decided to adopt an active lifestyle, be sure that this will bring you many health benefits. When it comes to weight loss, there are some key elements to consider.

If you lose weight, but not fat, it means that you are losing muscle mass. This is unproductive because it can slow down the metabolism, making it more difficult to burn fat. Most people on US-Reviews agree: muscle is heavier than fat.

Take care of Nutrition

Nutrition is the number one factor to consider when you want to lose weight. If the nutrition is not well developed then training, recovery, and, last but not least, the results will suffer. Vitamins are also very important, so don’t forget to check healthy vitamins and supplements delivery services to ensure your daily vitamin needs.

The weight-loss equation is very simple (at least in theory): your daily calorie intake should be less … Read More

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What are the Negative Effects of Skipping Breakfast?

Breakfast is the most essential diet of the day. It stimulates you to perform multiple activities all day long.

Experiences and customer feedback on reveal that one of the most common reasons why people skip breakfast is because they don’t feel hungry in the morning. If you can relate to this, you can start your day by taking something light instead. Also try to keep the dinner portion minimal and remove alcohol and sweets shortly before you go to bed, since they are normally considered unhealthy diets.

1. Causes weight increase

Your body goes into survival mode whenever you miss breakfast, causing your metabolism to slow down, without adequate morning breakfast. Later in the day, you get incredibly hungry and eat anything (whether healthy or not). The stronger your appetite level, the more calories you are consuming. This overfeeding can cause you obesity which in turn causes more … Read More

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The Truth Of Breast Implant Replacement:

Breast implant replacement surgery has always been something to consider when going through with breast augmentation surgery. Surgeons will usually recommend that an implant will need to be replaced after the 10-15 year mark. The truth is though, that there is no specific lifespan of a breast implant and that some women may never actually need to have breast implants replacement surgery. In this article we will discuss the signs for needing the breast implants replaced.

What Is A Breast Re-Augmentation?

A re-augmentation involves removing the original implants and scar tissue and replacing them with new ones. They could be a new type, shape or size which many women get larger implants as they are not as big as they wanted originally. This can also be combined with breast uplifts if not already done.

Signs For Needing Breast Implant Replacements:

Capsular Contracture – This is a common complication when having … Read More

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How To Deal With Dental Anxiety

Oral health is often regarded as being one of the most important pillars when it comes to our overall health. Surprisingly, almost half of the UK population has a fear of the dentist and this fear can have huge implications when it comes to our oral health and wellbeing. This fear stems from a number of different worries and concerns about sitting in the dentist’s chair and seems to be an issue faced by older generations, who may perhaps be scarred from dentist experiences when they were younger and techniques were less advanced.


Dentophobia, or the extreme fear of going to the dentist, can be debilitating for the person suffering from the fear, but it is hugely important to regularly attend dentist checkups so that they can look after your teeth and oral health. With this in mind, here are some ways you can deal with dental anxiety.


Find the

Read More
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Anxious About Taking A Sick Day When Working From Home? Here Are 3 Things To Consider


When you’re not feeling well, the last thing you want is to feel stressed about taking a sick day from work. During the pandemic, a study found that 42% of workers are now more stressed and anxious about taking a day off sick than they were pre-pandemic. Working from home adds more stress to the matter, as employees tend to feel as though they need to show they are getting their work done and that their productivity levels haven’t been affected. This then leads to longer working hours, fewer breaks and more mental fatigue. Add to this the stress of the pandemic, and the potential for burnout is heightened. 

Although we are in a pandemic and working from home, that doesn’t mean that employees aren’t getting sick. Whether due to a pre-existing condition or illness, migraines or simply just stress-related, there are still plenty of reasons as to why Read More

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What are some tips to add to your diet plan for the year 2021 for the best results?

The year 2021 has started again and many people have their weight loss and health goals they are trying to sustain. Hence, you might already make it your New Year resolution to lead a healthier life this year and follow some specific diet plans. This is often a great idea, once your diet plan is a good one. However, you might want to know what else you can do in addition to the diet plan you already chose to meet your weight loss goals for the year. This article will discuss some tips that you should add to your diet plan for the year 2021 to get the best results.

Don’t skip breakfast

Many people who want to lose weight attempt to do so by skipping breakfast. This is not a great healthy lifestyle habit and if your diet plan encourages you to skip breakfast, then you might as well Read More

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Eli Lilly says other COVID-19 antibody drug trials ongoing after study halted for safety concern

By Carl O’Donnell and Michael Erman

a large building: FILE PHOTO: Eli Lilly logo is shown on one of their offices in San Diego

© Reuters/MIKE BLAKE
FILE PHOTO: Eli Lilly logo is shown on one of their offices in San Diego

(Reuters) – Eli Lilly & Co on Wednesday said other trials of its experimental coronavirus antibody therapy remain on track after a government-run study testing the treatment in hospitalized COVID-19 patients was paused due to safety concerns.

Lilly said on Tuesday that an independent safety monitoring board requested a pause in the trial, called ACTIV-3, due to a potential safety issue.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH), which is collaborating with Lilly on the trial, said the advisory board paused the trial after seeing a “difference in clinical status” between patients on Lilly’s drug on those who received a placebo, without providing further detail.

Lilly on Wednesday said the paused trial is distinct from others it is conducting because it focuses on hospitalized patients who are

Read More