6 Ways TV, the Internet, and Your Phone May be Hurting Your Fitness

With the help of technology, there are smartphones, laptops, smart lights and home appliances, artificial intelligence, and so much more. The most important invention of technology has to be the internet. The internet is the reason everything is so interconnected.

According to UK.collected.reviews, millions of users have dropped reviews of telecom companies on their website after purchase. This shows that many people use the internet on their phones, laptops, television, and other devices.

The internet makes it much easier to spend so much time on these devices. The one thing you don’t realise is the fact that this habit takes a huge toll on your fitness.

Here are some of the ways the television, the internet and your phone may be hurting your fitness.

·       Minimal physical activities:

When you have a good internet connection, your phone and your TV, you will hardly stand up to go anywhere or do anything that requires you to stand up from your position. To stay fit, we need to move around for a while every day to keep up with our bo/dy’s calorie intake. However, sitting in one place for long periods tends to get obese and less fit.

·       Snacking and eating junk food:

Because you don’t want to interrupt your TV show or internet scrolling, you can’t bother to prepare healthy food. So, you opt for the option of ready to eat snacks, junk and unhealthy food. These food options are bad for your fitness.They contain many calories that your body will readily take in. Because you’re not moving or exercising, they’ll keep storing up.

·       Bad Sleep:

The light rays from constantly using screens of phones, televisions, laptops, and so on make it hard for you to sleep. The UV blue light rays are harmful to your eyesight. If you use these devices for long periods, you’re prone to getting inability to sleep as well as possible. Not getting enough sleep affects your fitness terribly because you’d always be tired.

·       Muscle and joint pain:

Due to constantly sitting in a position, your muscles and joints get used to a particular routine and hurt when you try to use them otherwise. This causes a bad effect on your fitness because working out or even moving around becomes much harder due to the pain.

·       Heart problems:

There are various recommendations about how many exercises and cardiovascular actions we need to keep our heart fit and healthy. However, if you sit in front of the TV and use your phone for prolonged periods, you don’t bother to do these activities. Also, by eating lots of junk food and getting obese, your heart is put at risk.

·       Neck pain:

This is another terrible effect of using these devices for longer periods. The sitting position you take can affect your neck, causing severe neck pain, affecting your posture and fitness in general.

Although it seems conducive, staying on your phone and watching TV for prolonged periods does a lot more harm than good to your physical fitness.