Christopher Meloni’s sexy fitness routine: ‘I work out naked’

Christopher Meloni lets it all hang out when he’s exercising at home.

“I work out naked. It’s my gym,” the “Law & Order: Organized Crime” star said at the 2022 NBCUniversal upfronts in New York City on Monday.

“And I don’t black out the window,” the 61-year-old jacked actor told People. “And I’m OK with that. My wife is not.”

Meloni said his wife, Doris Sherman Williams, sometimes joins him for workouts, but he prefers to get buff in the buff by himself.

“We’ll hit the gym but, you know, I’m not to be spoken to,” Meloni said. “It’s like interrupting a monk when he’s in the middle of his monk-ing.”

The actor said he wears big headphones to block distractions during his “very serious” gym time. He prefers to go to his trainer’s gym instead of public ones.

Chris Meloni isn’t new to the gym life, he just keeps his muscles hidden.
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Chris Meloni
He takes pride in fitness and health, making sure he stays fit.
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Christopher Meloni on "Law and Order" set
Meloni on the set of “Law & Order: Organized Crime” on April 13 in New York City.
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“People don’t put the weights away, and I’m OCD,” he reasoned. “I’m like, ‘How hard is it?’”

Meloni said he sometimes calls people out for not cleaning up after themselves and ends up putting their weights away himself.

“I’m like, ‘You’re outta your f–king mind,’” he said. “I’ve walked out of the gym.”

Last year, Meloni was warmly welcomed back to the “Law & Order” franchise after fans went nuts on Twitter over an on-set picture of him and his plump behind.

“We were shooting in Brooklyn and an innocent bystander took a picture of me as I was stretching, or just kind of leisurely testing out the mobility of my hunches, but they took a shot of my rear end — my asset — and it hit the interweb and became an international sensation overnight,” Meloni told People at the time.

“It traveled the globe,” he continued. “And I was given the moniker ‘Zaddy,’ which I believe means an elderly gentleman with a certain patina of sexiness to them.”

“My first reaction was, ‘What the hell?’ and it really made me laugh. But I also felt as though their response was almost their warm welcoming of Stabler back and me back in this role.”