Get in shape with a Tanita scale

It’s getting warmer, which means the summer is almost here. So it’s time to get your summer body and get yourself feeling better in your skin again. A summer body does not equal being as skinny as possible. It’s way more important to feel your best and be healthy. Every body is very complex and different from all the others, so it’s important not to compare yourself to others, but focus on your own journey. A new scale can help you with that, especially the scales from Tanita. Are you curious as to how they work? Then please keep on reading to find out all the information that you need regarding this subject.

The philosophy of Tanita

Tanita is a company that offers different technologies to help you to feel and look your very best. Tanita was established in 1923 and started creating their health meter production in 1959. Their specialty is the digital weight scale. They perfected their technology to help people from all over the world. They want to show everyone how important it is to be aware of your measurements, as you can keep track of your body. They want to help the world look at health standards from a new perspective and create a healthy, but most importantly, a happy society.

Their unique scales

You might be thinking what makes Tanita’s scales so different from the ones that you have probably seen before. Usually, a scale only measures your weight. Although this might work for some people, most of us benefit from a little more information. And that’s precisely what these scales offer you. Tanita scales analyse and measure your entire body and measure not only your weight, but also your water, muscle and fat levels. This gives you a way better insight in your overall health and you can create a plan accordingly. For example, more muscle mass might keep your weight the same, which might be incredibly frustrating if you don’t know what’s going on. Tanita scales will give you insight into what’s actually happening with your body.

Which scale is the best for me?

Tanita has developed several different scales. Their body composition scale uses a very advanced Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis. This method and scale will give you more insight in your muscle mass, metabolism and much more. Their segmental body composition scales are perfect for very athletic people. They will help you to train more accordingly.