Need Some Workout Motivation? Watch Rashmika Mandanna

Rashmika Mandanna Fitness Videos: Actor Rashmika Mandanna is quite a popular name in South Indian cinema. She has given strings of massive hits right from Chalo to her latest movie Pushpa, her gorgeous looks and fabulous acting have made her one of the audience’s favorite. Apart from her terrific screen presence, she is also known for being one of the fittest actors in the industry.Also Read – When Vijay Deverakonda Was Blamed For Rumoured GF Rashmika Mandanna’s Break Up With Rakshit Shetty

Recently declared the national crush of India, Rashmika is quite a fitness freak and her Instagram account is living proof of it. From a high-intensity workout regime to kickboxing, the Pushpa actor shared her workout pictures and videos that prove she’s crazy about her workout schedule in a day. Here are five times when the actor raised the fitness bar and inspired her fans to get rid of their lazy selves! Also Read – Arjun Kapoor’s Killer Body Transformation Sets Internet on Fire – See His Fat to Fit Pics

5 Times when Rashmika Madanna gave us serious fitness goals:

1. Rashmika Mandanna aces the barbell deadlift Also Read – Weight Loss: Avoid These 5 Weekend Habits That May Sabotage Your Plan

Barbell Deadlift is a composite exercise which means it is a full body exercise and are considered best for weight training. This form of exercise works more muscles than any other exercise and improves stability and posture. Our Pushpa actor never fails to surprise her fans, in this video she can be seen lifting a powerful deadlift in the gym. She is very much into weight training as she is seen mastering the barbell deadlift motivating her fan and followers to hit the gym.

2. Rashmika Mandanna does push-ups in a viral video:

Pushups are an effective way to strengthen your body and muscles. It stimulates metabolism which results in an increase in blood circulation as well as improves posture and weight loss. In this video, the south superstar doles out some serious fitness motivation by challenging herself to a 30-second pushup on the floor. She amazed her fans by taking Nagararjuna’s Wild Dog pushup challenge.

3. Rashmika Mandanna practices single-arm dumbbell in IG Video

Adding a different form of workout to her regimen, Rashmika Mandanna is seen performing the single-arm dumbbell snatch in her IG Video. She added the caption, “Move it! Give an hour of your 24 hours to your body and your mind. It will be worth it!”. The single dumbbell snatch is a total body workout that improves your agility and strengthens various parts of the body including shoulders, glutes, hamstrings, lats, and lower back.

4.  Rashmika Mandanna does Clean and Press-Full body workout

In this video, Rashmika can be seen doing a full-body workout by combining a deadlift and overhead press. The actor captioned her video, “I’ve been working out for years now..but the right way of training is something I started very recently and how it’s showing on my body just amazes me..consistency and clean eating can do wonders! ♥️”.  The clean and press combo engage eight different muscle groups. It works every muscle in the body like the lower part of the exercise emphasizes hamstrings, hips, and glutes while the upper half emphasizes shoulders, chest, back, and arms.

5.  Rashamika Mandanna practices kickboxing:

In this video we can see Rashmika Mandanna highly energetic, releasing her anger through kickboxing. She is repeatedly throwing kicks while her Fitness trainer holds a striking pad.  Kickboxing is a form of workout that involves Punching, kicking and footwork. It also helps in releasing stress, reduce anxiety, build stamina and burn lot of calories too. There are lot of benefits of kickboxing if used as a form of exercise.

Are you motivated by Rashika Mandanna fitness regime?