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Pitt School Of Medicine Launches COVID-19 Therapy Testing Site

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Major news for COVID-19 patients fighting the virus.

On Wednesday, the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine said that it is operating one of the 25 nationwide sites that will test therapies aimed at treating early-stage COVID-19 cases.

This trial is part of the National Institutes of Health ACTIV initiative.

Pitt School of Medicine says it aims to develop a treatment that can prevent people with COVID-19 from progressing, which will later require them to go to the hospital.

They say the first drug being studied in the trial is an antibody treatment made by pharmaceutical company Lilly. Researchers say Lilly’s antibody was shown to help people with COVID-19.

According to the university, phase 2 of the trial is already underway. 110 participants will be recruited nationwide to receive an antibody. They’ll be compared to 110 participants who will receive a placebo. If the medication produces positive results, without significant safety concerns, it will advance to phase 3.

Researchers are looking for people to participate in the study. For more information to see if you qualify, click here.

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