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What is Gemstone Energy Medicine?

Gemstone energy medicine is the art and science of uplifting the body, emotions, mind, and spirit using healing gemstones or remedies imparted with the energies of these gemstones. It is a modality that works directly with the body’s energy field. This energy field includes the aura that surrounds the body, plus the energetic counterparts of physically manifested tissue.

The underlying premise for gemstone therapy is the principle “as above, so below.” The energy field of the body exists “above” at a higher vibration than physical tissue. It is also based on the observation that the energetic condition of tissue and cells precedes its physical manifestation. Health issues, disease, weakness, pain, even injuries are caused first by disturbances in the energetic fabric. When you release these disturbances, then harmony and health in the physical tissue is free to heal.

Gemstone energy medicine also works at a deeper level to find and … Read More