The Truth Of Breast Implant Replacement:

Breast implant replacement surgery has always been something to consider when going through with breast augmentation surgery. Surgeons will usually recommend that an implant will need to be replaced after the 10-15 year mark. The truth is though, that there is no specific lifespan of a breast implant and that some women may never actually need to have breast implants replacement surgery. In this article we will discuss the signs for needing the breast implants replaced.

What Is A Breast Re-Augmentation?

A re-augmentation involves removing the original implants and scar tissue and replacing them with new ones. They could be a new type, shape or size which many women get larger implants as they are not as big as they wanted originally. This can also be combined with breast uplifts if not already done.

Signs For Needing Breast Implant Replacements:

Capsular Contracture – This is a common complication when having breast implants. This isn’t to do with the quality of the implants, or the surgeon but is a natural defence of the body. Capsular contracture happens when the body creates a thick tissue surrounding the implant which eventually gets tough and contacts. This can be painful for patients which will result in the breast implants being replaced or completely removed.

Implant Rupture  – Silicone implants are very durable so it is rare for them to rupture or change shape. If they do, then breast implant removal surgery may be needed as the contaminated tissue will need removing also. If the implants are made from saline then this can cause the implants to deflate as the saline solution will soak up in the body causing the breast to be uneven. There is only one way in resolving this by replacing the existing implants.

Rotating Implants – Most implants are circular and there wouldn’t be much of a difference if they rotated. However, there are some implants which are shaped like tear drops which cause the breast to look uneven.

Lifestyle – With time people evolve, their bodies evolve and the way we look at ourselves change. Weight, pregnancy, breastfeeding or simply getting older can all be reasons why women should get their breast implants replaced or even removed.

Is Breast Implant Replacement Surgery As Invasive As Breast Augmentation?

If the decision has been made to replace the old breast implants or are wanting to adjust them in any way, the good news is that it is less invasive than the first time. Due to there already being a pocket created the first time. This will have minimal if any adjustments to the pocket and patients seem to experience less pain after replacement surgery. Surgeons will usually use the same incision as last time if there are no complications, which will result in no extra scarring.

Final Thoughts:

If the breast implants are showing any of these signs, then it’s best to speak with a surgeon to check out the health of the implants and to discuss a way to help relieve these issues. If there are no issues with the breast implants and are happy to keep them in, then it’s still best to speak to a qualified plastic surgeon to check the health of the breasts for peace of mind.