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Tremont Elementary School Student Tests Positive For Coronavirus

PATCHOGUE-MEDFORD, NY — A student from Tremont Elementary School in Medford tested positive for COVID-19 last week, the Patchogue-Medford school district announced.

“Due to federal health privacy laws, information regarding the student’s identity cannot be released,” Superintendent Donna Jones wrote in a letter to the community on Friday. “Please respect this individual’s privacy during this difficult time.”

After receiving the news of the positive case, school officials contacted the Suffolk County Department of Health and have been working with them on contact tracing.

Health officials have been working to inform the people thought to be in close contact to the student. According to Jones, due to the hybrid model of instruction the school has adopted, the student has had less direct contact and the school had the opportunity to deep clean on Wednesday.

In accordance with health officials, the “impacted areas” were closed off for as long as possible and up to 24 hours before cleaning and disinfection. The areas were also cleaned and disinfected, especially on frequently touched surfaces and ventilated to increase air circulation.

According to the New York state “COVID-19 School Report Card,” the Tremont coronavirus case is the only one reported within the school district as of Wednesday.

This article originally appeared on the Patchogue Patch

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