Valorant Maps: Quick Guide

Each map in this tactical shooter suites to different playing strategies and has its unique features. Fighting on the maps, you will boost the hero step by step. But don’t worry if you don’t have time for gradual development: use Valorant boost to raise the agent rank immediately. After that, study the maps’ layout and start playing.


This map with two sites has a fascinating characteristic: one-way teleporters. They allow the immediate transfer from one place to another and transport projectiles, guns, or spying machines to the enemy’s team. The downside of the teleporters is the great level of noise, alerting the rival team about your maneuvers. 

Players can find the orbs in showers (a building’s hallway) and long B (a path along the beach) near the teleporter.


This map has three sites, and it’s quite unusual for bomb maps. If your team suites for long-distance fighting, try to occupy an alleyway on site A. The underground part of this side is ideal for close combat engagement. Site B is connected with site C through the garage, so it’s a vulnerable spot for both sites. 

You can find the orbs near the long A at site A and near long C at site C.


This map with two sites has a high ground in the center. Taking the central part gives a tactical advantage. The exceptional feature of the location includes ropes for silent ascending or descending. They are situated at both sites and in the middle. The orbs are located at main A and in the garage at site B.


It’s a two-site map with an extensive open area in the middle. The easily scanned yard confer the possibility for a quick sprint to the enemy’s side of the map, but this operation is extremely risky because of the lack of covers. This map also contains closable doors. These doors at both sites provide decent protection when closed, but enemies can break them during the attack. 


It is a tundra location, and the map provides a mind-blowing amount of natural covers. At the moment, it’s the most sophisticated map in the game. The map offers horizontal rope for silent movements and many places to hide from spying devices and sonars. Players can show their potential and playing skills at this map, but it can be hard for beginners.


On this tropical island, players can enjoy an incredible amount of space. It’s the biggest map available in the game. Only at this location, developers place the one-of-the-kind one-way drop doors. The layout is quite new and demanding, and it’s not the best place for beginner players.

Shooting Range

This map is not for playing; it’s made for training and skill perfection. At this location, players can test different agents, even the ones they don’t have. The map is perfect for testing tactic decisions. 

You will encounter dummies moving at various speeds and in multiple directions. At the special stand, players can test their guns and find out the shooting distance. An interesting option is defending a spike to train tactics for difficult game situations.