What are the Negative Effects of Skipping Breakfast?

Breakfast is the most essential diet of the day. It stimulates you to perform multiple activities all day long.

Experiences and customer feedback on ReviewsBird.com reveal that one of the most common reasons why people skip breakfast is because they don’t feel hungry in the morning. If you can relate to this, you can start your day by taking something light instead. Also try to keep the dinner portion minimal and remove alcohol and sweets shortly before you go to bed, since they are normally considered unhealthy diets.

1. Causes weight increase

Your body goes into survival mode whenever you miss breakfast, causing your metabolism to slow down, without adequate morning breakfast. Later in the day, you get incredibly hungry and eat anything (whether healthy or not). The stronger your appetite level, the more calories you are consuming. This overfeeding can cause you obesity which in turn causes more insulin sensitivity.

2. Risk of heart disease

For those that skip breakfast, the chance of heart attack is greater. However, you can reduce the chances of a heart attack by adopting a balanced breakfast regimen. Hypertension, clogged arteries, and chronic coronary disease may grow more likely without adequate diet. There may also be a greater chance of stroke ! If breakfast is not consumed, it also affects other hormone functions in the body, which may lead to elevated blood pressure. However, you have to eat a healthy breakfast for your heart to remain strong.

3.  Risk of diabetes

There is a relationship between your eating behavior and your health. In fact, the risk of contracting diabetes type 2 is high for those who miss their morning food. Breakfast helps to healthily control your blood sugar, so it is necessary to ingest nutrients from breakfast for your general health in the morning.

4. Increases chance for cancer

It is very likely to gain weight when you skip morning meals and later feed on fatty foods later in the day. Nevertheless, unwanted pounds are not the only challenge – evidence suggests that the risk of cancer is higher in overweight and obese individuals. This is because obesity also causes low inflammation, and can cause damage to DNA, which over time causes cancer; fat tissue contains too much estrogen, related to an increased chance of breast cancer, ovarian cancer and more. A number of obese individuals have elevated levels of insulin that can induce colon, kidney, prostate and other cancers.

5. Reduces cognitive function

A nutritious breakfast can help to boost your cognitive function as you begin your day. Studies have revealed that there is a greater visual consistency for those eating breakfast. The explanation is that the glycogen levels in your body get exhausted overnight because of digestion as you sleep. Owing to the effectiveness of your brain with glucose, you need to have a stable level of blood glucose to reach the maximum level of cognitive performance. A low glucose level not only leaves you tired, it also affects your brain activity, and could affect your day-to-day job. However, eating a good breakfast in the morning will allow you to replace glucose in your body and prepare your brain for the day ahead.

6. Triggers migraine

Hypoglycemia is a term for low blood sugar concentrations. As you normally fast while sleeping, missing breakfast can cause your sugar levels to drop tremendously. This allows hormones to be released and will compensate for low glucose levels. Because at this stage the blood pressure is also elevated, migraines and headaches are likely to be caused.

Now that you have seen some of the reasons why skipping breakfast is detrimental to your health, always consider your health before leaving home without breakfast.